Core Features

Creativity is the key ingredient that allows 2Ship to deliver rich and rewarding features in a user-friendly online environment. The following are the bread and butter of 2Ship and included in all packages:


We search all carrier and find all available services and rates for every order/shipment.

All your options are beautifully presented and ordered by cheapest or fastest. Each service shows both the tariff / list rate from the carrier as well as your rate on your account together with delivery dates and times. Eliminate the man hours spent searching for the best rate and operating multiple systems. 2Ship does it all In seconds regardless of the number of carriers you have.


A single shipping screen that is simply unmatched.

Everything that ships, with all types of carriers is done using the same shipping screen which dynamically adjusts to the shipment on hand. It is intuitive, user (and mobile) friendly, and you choose between Standard or Advanced modes. Every feature is embedded in a well thought out manner based on what the end shipper needs and not what is easy to program. Every field can be set and controlled, every user's environment personalized.


Real time visibility of shipment information is always available.

With ONE shipping history, across all your carrier shipments, finding a shipment or a large number of shipments is fast and easy. Use extensive filter options to find what you are looking for with the information you have. Dive deep into each shipments' info, track all non-delivered, check delivery performance, sort and subtotal, export to excel and more. We also keep a copy of every label and document you processed.


Instant visibility to everything you ship.

Entering or clicking on a single tracking number will instantly show the tracking history and current status of the shipment. Using 2Ship's Track All feature, you can instantly track all your non-delivered shipments with a single click. We instantly update each shipments' status and once delivered, calculate delivery performance. The date and time of delivery are visible as well as the name and signature on file if available from the carrier.


Use our standard reports and layouts or add an unlimited number of fully customized reports.

Extensive filter options allow you to get specific when needed. Apply sort and subtotal variables on the fly, select your file format and you're done. Run reports to track spend by service, customer, user, project etc. Report on delivery performance by carrier and service. We give you the tools to report and export your data the way you need it. Schedule daily reports and we'll run them automatically.


Store all your addresses in ONE place for use with all carriers.

No more wasted time keeping multiple carrier systems' addresses synchronized. Control global address book entries from your admin account. Setup customer specific shipping preferences and billing accounts. Senders, Recipients, Brokers...


Every administrator and shipper on 2Ship have access to the 2Ship Dashboard.

It’s mobile friendly too so you can take a look at your shipping whenever you get the urge. See live stats and metrics for your freight costs, activity, volumes, carriers and performance. It's all broken down by service, location, and even user. It’s all you need to stay informed and monitor your shipping.


Keep a close eye on your carriers and the service you receive.

Keep your carriers accountable with real time tracking and performance measurement tools. Claim back late and non-delivered shipments. Compare shipment costs by zone, fuel, surcharges, and averages. See it all within your dashboard and reports.


Let 2Ship help you decide HOW to ship your packages.

2Ship carriers range from postal services to full truck load and air freight. Our Consolidation feature allows customers to mix modes for cross border consolidation or zone skipping. We can also rate a shipment with different package characteristics for different modes. This helps you decide whether it's best to ship an order out as 30 packages or 2 skids.


Request pickups with carriers that do not service your address on a regular basis.

2Ship estimates any additional pickup fees before you schedule your pickup. Admin can schedule pickup at any address with any carrier or cancel current pickup requests. Schedule pickups for inbound shipments during the shipping process. Its easy and efficient.

2Ship on a mobile device


With true centralization comes ultimate control and visibility.

The Administrator in 2Ship is ultimately in control and has all the visibility across all locations' and users' activity. All Admins enjoy a live dashboard; admin level reporting; current shipment visibility; shipment history lookup; tracking; pickups; global address books and lists; message board; daily reports and more. Our Admin console is designed to keep the person in charge in the loop at all times. Everything is in real time and it's all available through mobile browsers.


Allow 2Ship to communicate your Customs Documents to your carriers electronically.

No more printing customs forms and putting them in those sticky clear pouches. Save man hours, save paper and have your packages pre-cleared through customs and avoid custom clearance delays.


Create new cost saving opportunities by creating and controlling all shipments.

2Ship allows you to generate a shipment and a label from any origin your carriers service. This feature will email the labels to the sender instead of printing it. Use different sender details on your labels and create pickup requests for these shipments. Reduce downtime and send completed labels as a value add for your clients. Use for inbound, returns or anywhere a shipment needs a label.


Increase the visibility and strength of your brand while keeping everyone in the extended supply chain up to speed.

Real-time emails are a big part of 2Ship. Shipment, exceptions and delivery notifications help keep you and your customers informed. Shipment notifications include tracking #s, date of expected delivery, package information and even contents of shipments. Brand these emails by simply uploading your logo or use HTML for full email customization (banners/marketing).


All your customs needs and controls for smooth international shipping.

End your struggle with customs and international shipments. 2Ship provides tools to estimate duties and taxes and upload customs documents electronically. We also provide, and auto generate a number of other customs forms for more specific shipments like FDA and FCC forms, NAFTA, Certificates of Origin and others.


Save time and eliminate human errors.

Capture the information and options in your ship screen at any time and save a template for similar shipments in the future. Store as many templates as you require. Simply select the template, enter shipment specific information and click Ship. Ship a lot of international documents? Save a template with weight, package type, and all customs info. Your next international shipment will be as quick as selecting your template and the recipient.


No more popups to open your labels, no more selecting the printer...

Install the plugin to speed up your shipping process.
Labels and other shipment documents will automatically print to your printers of choice when a shipment is processed.
Works on PC & MAC and most browsers


Make manual weight entry a thing of the past.

Our plugin will also automatically capture the weight from your digital scales.
Each user on 2Ship can configure their own plugin and hardware preferences.
Ensure accurate weights are being entered against each and every shipment to minimize any potential billing disputes.
Works on PC & MAC and most browsers


Automate your reporting with 2Ship.

Save your time manually running reports. 2Ship will generate your reports on its own and have them emailed or uploaded to an FTP mailbox. Select your preferred report, desired format, sort and sub-total variables and we do the rest…


Why manually generate another document?

2Ship goes far beyond producing shipping labels with your carriers. We take care of the rest of your shipping labels and documents too. We also produce Bill of Ladings, Pallet Labels, carton labels, content labels, packing slips, distribution reports, staging & loading guides, shipment receipts, Proof of Delivery (PODs) and more. For customs, we generate your Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, NAFTA, Certificate of Origin, FCC, FDA and allow you to upload other documents specific to your products – like Lithium-Ion Battery Declarations and Textile Declarations – that we produce when shipments contain these items. And we can always customize something for your own needs.


We're ready when you're ready...

Your 2Ship platform is always ready to take on automation. Whether you plan to integrate through our API package or have us take on the integration through ODBC; your 2Ship environment is waiting to help automate your manual processes.
with ONE integration you will instantly communicate with all your carriers.
Drastically reduce integration time and continuous support for upgrades and carrier changes.


Online and open for business any day any time.

Accessible from any internet connection anywhere in the world and super mobile friendly. 2Ship is simply a login away.
It's not just about convenience - Expand and bring on new business locations and users in minutes. No additional on-site overhead other than having an internet connection and a printer on site. Take 2Ship with you to trade shows and other short term events, or have it travel with sales people...