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2Ship Solutions was founded on the principles of providing outstanding solutions, service and support for all our customers.

What is 2Ship?

2Ship is an innovative company, a solution provider and partner.
We also believe that every business deserves great solutions to help level the business playing field. So we built 2Ship.com
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  • 1. Create Your Account

    Create Account

    1. Create Your Account

    It takes 2 minutes to join and will save you endless time and money in the long run! Discover the shipping solution that gives you the logistics power you need at the price you can afford.

    Get your 30 Day Trial and cancel at any time

  • 2. Compare Rates


    2. Compare Rates

    Real-time service and rate comparisons. Compare rates with all the carries the find the best rates or service. Add all your own carrier accounts, see your discounted rates and get billed the way you do today.

    Got no carrier accounts? Need more options? Look no further - just sign up and we'll add all the services you need at great competitive rates.

  • 3. Print Your Labels


    3. Print Your Labels

    Determine your best method to ship, print the label and initiate your pick-up. Tracking every package with a click and receive e-Alerts to keep you updated.

    Use a credit card or prepay into a 2Ship account when you wish to ship with a carrier added by 2Ship