Multi Location Solution

Offices all over the country or all over the world?
Fragmented processes and procedures at best?

Let 2Ship centralize it all and give you ultimate control...

The Challenge

You're struggling to consolidate shipping activity and costs for multiple office locations and aren't sure if the company's logistics policies are being followed.

The lack of control and visibility results in...

  • Overspending due to incorrect service selection
  • Unauthorized use of accounts
  • Logistics policies not being enforced
  • Difficult internal cost allocation
  • Inability to reconcile invoices and create accurate reports

  • The Solution

    2Ship's Multi-Location shipping solution will help your organization cut costs and increase efficiency with centralized control of your multi-location supply chain.

    Regardless of the number of locations and users, 2Ship will empower you to fully manage your shipping
    The result...

  • One online system for all locations, carriers and users
  • Real time rate shopping for true cost control
  • Instant access to all shipments with updated tracking info
  • Established business rules for all users
  • Cost allocation and customized reporting

  • The Result

    All locations, carriers, services, rates, users, and shipments are brought together on a single platform for true centralization, real time visibility and ultimate control.

    Save Money

    Rate shop all carriers in real time while monitoring carrier performance so you never overpay.

    Save Time

    Reduce man hours rating, shipping, tracking and reporting by up to 95%.

    Take Back Control

    Enforce your shipping policies, hide account #s and control your shipping costs.

    2Ship typically saves clients 10-15% in addition to hours saved in labour

    Because 2Ship is web-based, the dream of centralizing your shipping processes across all your locations, carriers and users is now a reality.

    The biggest advantage of 2Ship is the control it gives you to set and enforce your shipping policies. Through the establishment of approved delivery options to real time rate shopping across all your carriers, you can feel confident that 2Ship is keeping your shipping budget in check.


    $289 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 4 Low Volume Shipping Locations
    • 1,000 Labels
    • 10 Skid/Pallet Shipments
    • 5 Shipping Users
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan


    $479 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 9 Low Volume Shipping Locations
    • 2,000 Labels
    • 20 Skid/Pallet Shipments
    • 10 Shipping Users
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan


    $849 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 19 Low Volume Shipping Locations
    • 5,000 Labels
    • 25 Skid/Pallet Shipments
    • 20 Shipping Users
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan