Ship Request Solution

Your company ships from a central mailroom or there's that person everyone relies on for shipping.
You hand write instructions on a form you can't ever find or dictate details to your "designated shipper".
You need the tax write off or you definitely need 2Ship.

The Challenge

Your company allows individual departments or employees to choose carriers and delivery options for shipping at will which makes it impossible to enforce best practices and control costs.

Then there's those, hand written ship request forms - often hard to read and prone to human error.
The consequences...

  • Excessive freight bills
  • Wasted labour hours
  • Inability to track and reconcile shipments
  • Reduction in overall service quality
  • Unnecessary frustration

  • The Solution

    Centralize all shipping requests and mailroom functions with 2Ship and create harmony in your mailroom.

    Regardless of the number of employees generating shipment requests, 2Ship's digital ship request form brings automation and real time visibility to your organization.
    The results...

  • Maximum efficiency & rate shop for true cost control
  • One online system for all ship requests, mailroom shipments, locations and carriers
  • Real time visibility of mailroom workload
  • Instant tracking updates and alerts for requestors
  • A single shipping history for instant lookup of all carrier shipments

  • The Result

    All carriers, users, ship requests, mailrooms and shipments are brought together on a single platform for true centralization, visibility and control.

    Use our mobile app for inbound and outbound internal tracking. Capture all status updates and signatures upon delivery; generate a chain of custody log with real time notifications. Learn more about our 2Ship 4 Mailroom app.

    Save Money

    Service selection and cost decisions managed by your experts with real time rate shopping.

    Save Time

    Eliminate replicated tasks and manual entry and reduce man hours by up to 95%.

    Grow Your Business

    Maximize efficiency and focus more man hours on growing your business.

    2Ship typically saves clients 10-15% in addition to hours saved in labour

    Because 2Ship is web-based, mailrooms have immediate visibility to all new requests made by employees throughout the organization. Once the ship request is received, shippers are able to select carrier and service options based on the policies of the organization.

    Eliminate disruptive calls to the mailroom by providing employees with visibility to real time shipping and tracking information and use the internal delivery app to document the chain of custody from request to carrier pickup.


    $269 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 100 Ship Request Users
    • 1,000 Labels
    • 1 Shipping User
    • 1 On-Hold Feature
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan


    $469 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 500 Ship Request Users
    • 2,000 Labels
    • 3 Shipping Users
    • 1 On-Hold Feature
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan


    $749 Starting Price Per Month
    • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
    • 1,000 Ship Request Users
    • 5,000 Labels
    • 5 Shipping Users
    • 1 On-Hold Feature
    • Admin Control
    Purchase Plan